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Submitted on
April 25, 2013


Hi everybody!

It past such a long time since I wrote the last journal. I must say that I miss everything from here, I really do. But many things has been changed too, including me.  Soon I'll make 6 years since I created this account. This page, this website, this nickname, led me to a new world, created me. I don't even know with what to begin. Things have changed, I grow up, I had 14 years when I came into this world, who knew where it would drive me? I met so many nice people here, I miss you all, I know I've been more absently in the last time. 

A new beginning...I have to say that the world I came into, has matured me, I see things in a different way now, in another perspective. Five years, five years created the artist inside me, who never believed that can go so far. I respect people who trusted me, who believed in me, who worked with me, who made me!
A new beginning means that from now, I have to change few things. This website made me an artist, this nickname "cat-woman-amy" made me a known artist. But it doesn't represents me anymore...It past years, and my character changed, my mind too. I am aware I am known with this nickname, for years, but I hope in a few other years everything will be good too. I haven't thought exactly for a another nickname, but I will think about it, and soon things will be updated. This was the first part. I hope you understand.

Second part, the art itself made me know myself better, made me understand me, who I am. I realized that if you work hard for what you want, you will succeed for sure. From personal experience. I am still experience new things in my artworks, but I for sure found what represents me now. New artworks will be submitted soon, but be patient, I still have commissions to do and an exam to take. This makes things harder, but nothing stops me.

Until now, that being said, I hope you are all fine, and didn't forget me. I promise I will come back much stronger, with many new artworks, website, and more!
Also, if you want to keep in touch with me, I am more on my facebook fan page

Amalia Chitulescu

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Thank you,
Aeirmid Apr 25, 2013   Digital Artist
I was really glad to see your journal in my message center, Amy. I just underwent a similar transformation (I used to be ^SanguineVamp). You're going to need a premium membership to change your username, but if you poke me when you're ready I'll see if I can take care of that for you. :heart:
Ameliethe Apr 26, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Hi there!! It past such a long time since we last talked! How are you?! How have you been?
I'm happy I am not the only one, who thought that a new nickname is a good idea. Although, I see many people known, who changed their usernames. I have to update it, my mind is different, everything is different now. Send me a note, and give me your skype/msn anything that you use, so we can talk better. I know I need a premium membership, but I have to wait a little for that. Really glad we talked! Missed you :blackrose:
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